First Step - Moccasin Aiden


Product Overview


➡ 100% GENUINE LEATHER - Very soft and lightweight brown suede leather moccasin for baby and toddler boys. These baby boy shoes have a soft leather lining on the inside that keeps your baby’s feet dry all day long.


➡ BUILT-IN ARCH SUPPORT INSOLE - These toddler shoes are cute, comfortable, and most importantly offer great ankle and soft arch support which help with balance and create a healthier gait.


➡ FOSTER YOUR BABY BOY’S INDEPENDENCE - and let him put on his own shoes!! Our insole has a fun Happy Face that works like a “puzzle” that helps him quickly learn how to put on his own shoes on the right feet.


➡ STABLE FOOT TECHNOLOGY™️ -  This mocs have a non skid rubber sole that is flat, flexible, and it extends towards the heel and ankle to provide more stability in this area.


➡ CONSCIOUSLY HANDCRAFTED - Each Wobbly Waddler Shoe is cut, stitched and crafted one at a time by hand from start to finish by skilled artisan shoemakers in Mexico. We ensure that our shoemakers earn fair wages, competitive benefits and work in a safe and healthy environment.


➡ THE WOBBLY WADDLERS ADVANTAGE: The perfect combination of function and fashion for your little one.


Wobbly Waddlers Moccasin Shoes Aiden

One of the most exciting moments as a mom was when my little girls took their first steps. I also remember how confused and overwhelmed I was at the beginning when it came to choosing the first pair of shoes for my first baby. Luckily for you, you can trust us on this. We bring to your toddler a handcrafted, quality leather, and functional shoe that provides confidence to your baby’s gait and gives the right support to his rapidly growing feet.

These baby shoes have a strong velcro closure that keeps them in place. One of the features that you will really love is the fun smiley face on the insole that will help your baby distinguish the left from the right shoe. Now your independent little boy can put on his shoes on the right foot every single time!

These boy moccasins will be one of your favorite shoes to put on your little men. He will look amazingly cute on them. They are so versatile that would fit any kind of outfit you put on him. From casual shorts to a dress up wedding garment. These baby shoes will look great over time and they'll hold up well through all the activities.

You can't beat the price for the quality, add this shoes to your cart, you will absolutely love them and so will your baby!